A post of random things.

(Post transferred from my former site written 11.01.12)


I’M HOME!!!!!!!! It’s good to be home… I can sleep in a big bed that requires no climbing whatsoever, I can shower WITHOUT flip flops on, and when I wake up I get to open up the kitchen cupboards to fully stocked shelves… much different from the college lifestyle. So why am I home? To visit friends, family, and to celebrate my sister Jenna’s 26th birthday of course! Oh –  and most importantly…. to take Wesley’s One year photos!! My friend Jessica’s son, Wesley, is turning one this month and asked me to take some of the last photos of Wes being ONE. I am so excited, inspired, and fired-up for Saturday’s shoot. I have plenty of fun ideas for little Wesley and can’t wait to share them all with you after the big day. 

Aside from all the excitement that this weekend brings, I would like to share some fun photos that I stumbled upon while further editing Jessica & Tanner’s engagement photos….

In this bottom image, I photographed a man that I often seeing playing his accordion on the Stone Arch. I just love this photograph. It has so much character. The mans beard, his red velvet jacket, top hat, accordion, bike, and the top hat with the teddy bear on the ground [ notice the arrow pointing to the top hat for tips? 😉 ]. So much character. So much story. I love this one.

I also had some fun with this and added my own watermark.. Eventually I think I’ll add my own watermark to all my images. It’s pretty fun seeing my name printed on my work.


LASTLY… Here’s a look at my newest project!

In my 2D Design class we are working on “Typography” which is basically a drawing made up of words. I used a sharpie and technical pens. So mine is a self portrait and the words I use are quotes that describe me. Here’s what I have so far…. 



That’s all I have for now!

all things bright and beautiful,


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