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Just a quick bit updating you on school. Although it’s quite busy, I’m really enjoying my classes! I finished my second project in 2D Design. We worked on abstracting a fruit. My chosen fruit was a pair, so with the photos I took of my pear cut open I worked in my sketch book abstracting it. Above is a photo of my abstracted pair.


I also worked extremely hard on a High School Lesson plan that I had to create for my Art Education class. There was many tedious steps into the process of creating this presentation. Instead of listing them off, I’ll instead tell you about my project! My project:
The Modernization of a Van Gogh Original…
Students will learn about Vincent Van Gogh and Post Impressionism. They will then take what they learn and incorporate it into their artworks. Students should choose between Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Sunflowers. After their chosen piece, students will work in the sketch books to modernize the piece. To the left is a photo of my project sample that I created as an example to show while I was microteaching.
I truly enjoyed my experience microteaching! I spent 15 minutes teaching students whatever I wanted! I got to choose the project, what the medium was, along with criteria. It was great practice for the future. I will be doing this for middle, and elementary school as well. Here are a few (not so pretty) photo’s of me microteaching:

So… Despite the silly faces, do I look like a future art teacher????
Let me know in the comments!


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