NOVEMBER 18th 2012

(Post transferred from my former site written 11.18.12)

I have to say, I’m pretty excited that we are nearing Thanksgiving break. With almost 3 months of school put behind me, I could use a little break with some turkey and gravy. Lots and lots of gravy… I just have to get through 2 days of school with a total of 4 classes-then I am free to enjoy the holiday fun! Not only am I going to be enjoying some warm holiday drinks accompanied by some good Christmas music, but I get to invision myself on the Beach in Brazil with my sister, Kelli, laying next to me! Only 35 more days until I will be reunited with Kelli and get to meet Tiago!

To update you on my school life:

I finished my Typography project in my 2D Design class.  Again, this was made up of quotes, phrases, words, and the names of the people I love. Here is the final product:


Not only did I have this project on my hands, but I also had a few more that were pretty fun.

In my Art Education class I did my 2nd microteaching for middle schoolers. We were to focus on creating a multicultural lesson. I decided to do mine on Dia de los Muertos and to have my kids make Masks! Here is the final product:


The last project I’ll share with you is one that I created in my 2D Digital Imaging class. We had to create 6 clones of ourselves:


The last piece of news I have to share is that I successfully entered into all the classes I was hoping to for the Spring semester!
1. Art History: Survey of Art
2. The Practice of Art
3. 3D Design
4. Foundations of Education
5. Exploring Photography
6. Sociology

I’m most excited to take my photography class and hopefully learn some new techniques as I am hoping to obtain the assistant photographer position at Bellagala.

All things bright and beautiful.


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