The Little Things

(Post transferred from my former site written 8.17.12)

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” This quote by Robert Brault is really, truly one to live by. On wednesday, I trained in one of my good friends, Alysia, as a hostess. It was a little busy for her first night, and on top of that she’s meeting new faces, and being bombarded with loads of information. I did my best to teach her everything I could within those 3 hours. During the rush, I had the fine opportunity of meeting a woman named Amy. Amy came into Kindee that night looking to take some dinner home with her. I sat her at the bar, took her order, and brought her a glass of wine as she waited. 

Before I go on, you should know that I had two cups of coffee earlier in the day. . . I never have coffee. So I was pretty jazzed up! A few minutes passed by and Amy’s food was up. I packaged it and brought it to her and kindly told her to have a great rest of her night. I went on with my business, cleaning and resetting tables. On my way back to the hostess stand, Amy stopped me and said “Excuse me, but I just need to stop you for a moment.” I asked her what it was I could do for here and here is what she said:
“I don’t normally do this, but I just have to give you my card. You have done an amazing job tonight! You were fast, efficient, and always had a smile on your face! I can tell you have a passion for what you’re doing. Please contact me if you are ever interested in something new!” 

I was completely thrown off and flattered by what she said! I said thank you so much and that I would. We talked for a few more minutes and exchanged names along with a hand shake. This was so refreshing. Such a small act making a big impact. 

When I got home from work I shared the exciting news with my sister Jenna. Jenna, an event planner and sales coordinator for a wedding company called Bellagala, was absolutely thrilled when she heard who gave me her card. Amy Britton, the area manager for D’Amico and Son’s to me, was just a woman who boosted my self-confidence. But I was even more excited after Jenna revealed to me how big D’Amico is. I never have eaten there and don’t know much about it. According to Jenna, D’Amico is the #1 catering for weddings. “It’s great! You have to email her immediately. Right now!” she says. So what do I do? I email her 🙂

She seemed pretty excited after receiving my email, which made this all more exciting. I have an interview with her this coming Wednesday for a possible “opportunity in the D’Amico Organization”. Her words, not mine 😉

I’ll keep you updated on what this may mean for me! 


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