Yoga & The Farmers Market

(Post transferred from my former site written 8.20.12)

On saturday I had the fine opportunity of getting together with an amazing group of women to practice our yoga and venture to the Mill City Farmers Market. This group of women consisted of a few of my mother’s good friends and their daughters. We started our Saturday morning bright’n early with yoga at 10am in the community room at the Bridgewater. After our relaxation time we headed off to the farmers market where we saw crowds of interesting people and the smells of the freshest food around.

As a big group, we couldn’t stay together so we split into smaller groups hopping from one place to the next looking for who had the tastiest looking food. I myself, got dumplings and an indian drink called Lassi. It’s almost like a smoothie.. definitely tasty and something new to try.

We spent the rest of the day laughing, catching up on each others lives and enjoying the day with one another. Here are some photo’s from the day that were taken of us “Yogi’s”.




I too brought my camera for such an occasion… here are some photo’s I snapped!

Just a few of my favorites from the day…. It was a good one.



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