KATEjfPH.jpgAs a college student, my pockets are empty nearly all year round. Saving up for anything slightly expensive creates a difficult challenge, so it’s usually avoidable by just not spending at all. While I still have some money to pay my parents back for Brazil expenses, I have made it a goal of mine to save up for a new lens. One that is longer and can do some serious business. Because I’m going to be photographing a wedding in May, I am making it my goal to save up for the lens by then (if at all possible). What can you do? Schedule a “mini session” with me for a flat $50. Maybe you want to take advantage of this discounted deal as an opportunity to get a few nice family photos, or maybe you want to make it a Valentines Day theme. Whatever it is you may be interested in doing, I will do. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions. Contact me below if you are interested.

I will be returning to school this Sunday night, but if you’d like to get together for a short session before then I will be more than happy to meet with you. If this is too short notice I will be open for sessions during spring break (May 15-24th).



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