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Making a Difference

Something that really doesn’t sit right with me is the idea that because my feet are planted in a different country that what happens on the other side of the world doesn’t matter. I understand the notion that we need to help our country before we help others, but really.. can’t we all do something anyway? Instead of just reading something in the newspaper and flipping the page, do something.

I have known about Invisible Children for 5 years and have been involved with it ever since. I watched the Rough Cut documentary video in my World Cultures class as a Sophomore at TG. After seeing this video something sparked inside me. It wasn’t enough to just watch this video and continue on with my life, I had to do something. So I did. I got involved and participated in an organized protest where I slept on the lawn of the capital with hundreds of strangers who all shared the same desire as me. To bring attention to this blinded war and to ultimately bring it to an end.

Over the years I have remained connected to Invisible Children by receiving email updates, informing friends and relatives, and buying merchandise to continue in my support. Lately I have been thinking of what I can do to make a difference. I had so many different things that I was involved in when I was in high school where I volunteered and did things on my own. Since being in college, I’ve been ¬†too busy and rushed to even think about joining a club, organization or getting involved in the slightest bit. I still don’t have much time on my hands, but I’ve made it my new years resolution to make a difference. Whether it be donating a few spare dollars while sitting in Church, or donating my time volunteering. Today I’m starting by writing to all of you about a war that’s been going on since before I was born.


Please watch this short video… If this sparks a fire in you, I encourage you to watch more on their page to further educate yourselves!


Although I don’t have much money, I’ll be purchasing a shirt from their website to pay my contributions and to also spread the word (fashionably).

Hopefully this desire to make a difference will spread to all of you as well.

Get out there and do something!



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