What I have been up to…


Hello all! I’m going to quickly update you on my life through pictures.

1. Relay For Life: 

Thank you to all my supporters and all who donated to this event! This year I took on the role as team captain, which was really and experience. I really enjoyed organizing and attending meetings in preparation to our event that was hosted on April 19th. My small, but mighty team of 6 raised $740 alone. Not that it’s about ranking, but we did pretty well as a small team ranking 14 out of 26 teams. As a whole, the participants of Stout raised $30,463.45. Again, thank you for all the encouragement and support through donations to this great cause!

2. Fashion without Fabric: 

This was probably the most creative, fun, and exciting assignment I have ever been given. It was to create something wearable using non traditional things such as candy, pop cans, paper, etc. My group and I created a dress made completely of magazines, book pages, newspaper, different forms of plastic, film from VHS tapes, film from cassette tapes, wire, computer hardware, laundry racks, duct tape, and more. Upon our completion, we participated in a unique fashion show to showcase our creations.

3. Cardboard Animal:

Another project from my 3D design class. This one was time consuming…. The assignment was to create as close to life like as possible creation of an animal using cardboard and hot glue. It had to be scaled to size. I chose a BABY seal. And yes, baby animals were acceptable (thankfully). I just wasn’t as ambitious as the people who created kangaroos and giant sea turtles. I settled for a baby… it still is pretty large! We were given 3 1/2 weeks to finish this project. My professor on the last day of finals (new to teaching the course) let us know how sorry he was because the professors in the past allowed students 5 weeks. The day before it was due I spent 1pm-3am finishing this not so little guy. That was after the many other hours of working on it. I reigned in about 40 hours total.

4. Wedding: 

Next Saturday, I will be photographing my very FIRST wedding!! I am so very honored to be photographing the wedding of my friends Jessica and Tanner. They are the sweetest couple out there. I can’t wait to capture their love on their big day! Here are a few of my favorite engagement photos of the lovely couple.

Look forward to sharing my next big experiences with you all!



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